What Does A Publicity Agent Do?

 The video I found on YouTube is explaining what a Publicity Agent does. It explains that publicity agents are people who work with newspapers and magazines. The individual or company will pay the publicity agent to get onto a specific television program. A publicity agent could also be paid to get the face out there and in the public in a good light due to who they know. For a little more detailed information watch the video!


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The Importance of Public Relations

  When I was looking up public relations I was taken to this website about the importance of PR. It explained that PR people have to be able to get along with others and have good communication. It also explains that as a PR professional your job could consist of a lot of writing or getting someone’s name out there to the pubic in a specific image. The article explains in further detail how PR people manage, control, and influence peoples perception. The article explains how PR works and what career opportunities could be offered to someone with a PR degree. It then further goes into information about being a publicist for the stars and then what the job is like working for a PR company or firm. The last part of the article I found the most interesting. It explained what PR people need to do well and how they could further excel in the world of PR. It offers great insight on PR and I wish before I chose my major that I had a site like this to look at to get a very detail description of what I was getting myself into. 

Link to Article

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Secrets for Building Your Celebrity Image?

I know I am not a celebrity but this article caught my eye. I think it’s funny that they have a website that gives hints on how to build your image if you are in the eye of the pubic. They give you an example and it is very detailed but then it only shows the one hint which is to decide on your image. As you scroll down on the page you see some bullets that explain more about how to make you image better as in the importance of your photo but the funny thing is you can not read this. If you want to be able to learn all of the tips you have to pay 10 dollars. By paying the 10 dollars you are able to read the “special report” which would give you the hints. I did not pay the money to read further but I thought it was a huge scam and I was not expecting it. If you are further interested and want to read the one hint or go further and pay to read all the link is posted below.

public relations information

Secrets for Building Your Celebrity Image

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Top 10 Music PR Tips for Unsigned Artists

This is a very interesting YouTube Video. It would be very useful to the unsigned artists and these tips could help you to land the career that you wish for your future. Everything that she explains in the steps may be a lot of work but the effort will show at the end and pay off.  The different companies that you reach will see all of your practice and the physical elements that you bring with you to an interview or audition. These elements could be the main factors in giving a job to someone who shows effort and determination as compared to someone who just showed up. Watch the video, it took a little while to load so give it a few minutes!

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How to Write a Strong PR Resume

 This video gives you tips on how to improve your PR resume. The tips are related to the PR field and the video gives you three tips. The first is to get right to the point and make it very cohesive. Use powerful sentences and action words. This sounded very repetitive because this is what we are told to do in a lot of our writing. The second tip is to list appropriate skills. This is a section where you add things that others would think are interesting and show other hidden skills. Tip three is to flaunt your accomplishments. This is where you list all of the physical experiences that you have been involved with. It will help you look more interesting to the reader and could even help you land a dream job. The aspects talked about in this video are repetitive because we have heard them in our classes. Watch the video to get examples and better help on writing a strong PR resume.

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10 Tips for PR Students New To Blogging

— For PR students who are new to blogging here is a list of my top 10 tips!

1) Make sure to keep up with the blogs, do not get behind.

2) Have the layout of the blog attract readers. Be informal – Do not be too blunt on the topic, try to make it entertaining.

3) Include links from your blog to others but without the http involved.

4) Be sure to double check the grammar and spelling.

5) Get creative, include pictures and videos.

6) When commenting on other blogs, be sure to give your true opinion. Others will like to hear what you have to say and they might comment back to yours in return.

7) Do not just stick to boring topics because that’s what you think you’re supposed to do. You can find some very interesting things online and it relate to the topic at hand.

8) Include examples of your work through links in your blog. It can show others your abilities.

9) Do not be nervous to explain feelings through blogs. You might have to warm up to this one.

10) Have fun with the blogs!

Week 16 – Topic of the Week Advice about Blogging

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Social Media News Releases

A Social Media News Release is an online format of a news release. It is written with many different audiences in mind and can be seen by many online networks. A usual SMNR will have the main story or release, quotes, photos, contact information, hyperlinks, boilerpoint and tags. It is very attractive to the eye and looks very organized. From my experience in making one, it can be very time consuming at first but once you get an understanding of what you have to do you can barrel through it. This should be used when trying to reach the online media world or if you need to send it out to people who are not close to you. It can be a nice aspect because it can be viewed by many others online and they could offer their insight. Below I have attached four different links. The first will take you to an online site that explains what a SMNR is. The second site will explain how to write a SMNR and the different components included. Third, is a site that you can actually build your SMNR by helping you go through steps along the way to keep you more organized. The final link is to my SMNR that I wrote for my PR Writing class. It is about the Special Olympics. Hope you enjoy!

What Is A Social Media News Release

How To Write A Social Media News Release

Online Site Where You Can Build Your Own Social Media News Release

Example of Social Media News Release

Week 15 – Topic of the Week on Social Media News Releases

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Five Steps To MultiMedia Storytelling Reaction

I really did not know anything about multimedia storytelling prior to taking this course. I learned while taking the five steps to multimedia storytelling was that multimedia stories are nonlinear. They are multi-dimensional which makes sense because the word multimedia. Before beginning you become organized and choose your focus. I also found out that in step two, there are three main parts to the story. First is defining, where you find the main points and the background information. Second is the identifying, where you figure out what kind of media works best and finally is the storyboard part. This is where you actually do the constructing and the sketch.

I was surprised at the fact that there were so many components involved with this storytelling. I thought you would have a outline then actually the output of the story when in reality you have to choose, make the storyboard, report with the multimedia, edit everything for the web, and finally have the productions on the story.

I would want to know more about editing section. I love editing things and especially things online seem to interest me. In this little course it only gave a quick overview of the different kinds of media and how to do the editing for each one. It did not go into depth of what you had to do so it was not that helpful to me because I am new to all of this.

The NewsU Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling Course.

Week 14 – Topic of the Week Reaction to NewsU Course.

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10 Ways PR People Drive Journalists Crazy

 10 ways that PR people can sometimes drive journalists crazy:

 1. PR use excessive hype in writings, journalists consider it to be poorly written. PR people could change their use of words to try to accommodate the journalist style.

2. Miscommunication. When the PR professional thinks that they are supposed to do one thing and in reality they were asked to do something completely different. This could lead to problems because if the journalist expects something and then gets a completely different thing it could get them in trouble by someone higher up.

3. Not meeting deadlines. PR professionals need to make sure that they know when things are due or need to be submitted. Get work done in advance so you don’t have to worry about being on time with your work. It does not look good on the PR person but also makes the journalist look bad if they have a deadline to meet.

4. Not doing the necessary homework. PR people need to do research prior to writing a story. They need to know exactly what they are talking about and have sources to back up the writing. Without doing the homework can lead to a not so good story.

5. Making mistakes in the writing, using nonfactual information. PR people need to go over work when complete to make sure that there are no errors. They also need to stick to the facts to be able to get along with journalists.

6. Repeated calls and follow ups from PR professionals. PR people can overdo it with the follow up calls. They should call once to make sure that the information was received and then leave it alone. Too pushy could ruin chances in the future.

7. PR professionals calling the journalist about something that was not published. When something that the PR person thought was going to be published and was not, the PR person should not call the journalist to figure out why. If it was not published there was a reason and just because you call does not mean it will be published.

8. Attach the attachments. When a document is made and has attachments then the PR person needs to make sure that everything is together and sent out properly. You would not want to send one piece and forget the others that accompany it.

9. Sending invites. PR professionals going beyond there job and actually inviting specifics to press conferences and events that the journalists are in charge of arranging.

10. Lack of sources. PR professionals do not give the journalists enough information that backs up the story. They need to give the sources and have the sources be reliable.

Cited: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition – Dennis L. Wilcox

Week 13 – Topic of the Week List of how PR People Drive Journalist Crazy

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Podcast: The Creative Career

The one podcast that I listened to that really stood out to me above any other was the one called “The Creative Career.” It was a girl named Christie Maliyackel who works for a health care consulting firm. She explained how writing was her true passion and she had a goal to one day become an author. She explained that having a side project is important and it’s a way to do something you enjoy and still be able to pay the bills. She explained that you need to be able to balance your time between the job and the side project you chose. She has her side project during nights and weekends which is writing a novel called Lucyland. The novel is a story about her life and began lightheartedly and received positive feedback from friends which caused her to became motivated and continue what she loved. She invested so much time and energy into her writing that she did not want to quit and decided to see where it went from there. When she was about 50 pages into writing she started developing an outline and decided where she wanted to go from there and how it would end. It has been a few years since she began the project and has finally completed her novel. She offered some advice to student and people who are about to start their career. She said that you have to go in with the mindset that it will not be your dream job. She explained that you have to look at the corporate culture of the company you are working for and make a personal decision if the company is a good fit for you. You need to think about your future in that company and decide if you’re going to be happy. If your not then you should keep an eye out for something else to where you are happy and enjoy your day. Her final thought in the podcast was not to freak out on the first day at a new job because it is not worth the stress. This podcast was special to me because my mom has always told me the same information. She said you need a hobby along side the career and make it something you love.

Podcast: The Creative Career

Week 12 – Topic of the Week PR Podcast

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