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January 18, 2010 kk00700

Week 1 – Social Media Involvement

Before I was taking my PR Writing course at Georgia Southern I was not very involved with the whole social media aspect. Now that I have been in this course I have become very aware of the networks that I can be involved with. Prior to the class I was a member of Myspace and Facebook. Now after having assignments involving multiple social media networking I am much more involved. I now still have my Facebook account but I got rid of my Myspace because I have not used it since high school. I now have a Twitter account and am involved with PROpenMic. These different networks will be a way to come into contact with people who are older and more advanced in the public relations world. These sites could help me in the future when looking for jobs or help with connections later in life. I also have watched podcasts for the class which I never knew existed before. Being enrolled in this Public Relations Writing class has showed me many different aspects that are important for my major and future.

Week 2 – Grammar Girl: Is “Ain’t” a Word?

I have learned that “Ain’t”  is not proper english but it can be used in different forms of dialogue. This is understandable because a lot of people today do not speak properly and always try to use slang to get the words out of their mouth faster. It also explained that the first time the word “Ain’t” was used was related way back to 1919. Even though this word was a mistake the people still repeated it in a joking matter. There are many forms of contractions in our language but most of the time you sound smarter when you use the whole words individually.

The thing that surprised me was that “Ain’t” was acceptable at all. When I was growing up I was always corrected on how to pronounce different words  and what was the most proper way to word things. When I read that “Ain’t” was in the dictionary it was hard to believe.

I would like to know how other people feel about this word and if they believe that it is alright to use. There are many people who use contractions but I want to know who agrees and disagrees with this specific one.

 Grammar Girl’s website

Week 3 – Why comments are important aspects of a blog and advice on how to write an effective blog comment.

Comments on the blogs are important because it gives the writer some feedback on the topic at hand. Sometimes the comments can start a whole conversation of people going back and forth with different information or opinions. Some comments will be when people agree with the post and there are others who will not agree while stating their differences. Another plus to the comments on the blog is that you entertained someone who read it enough to reply and you hopefully taught something new to someone. By posting on someone’s blog you might get a post to one of your blogs in return.

My advice on writing an effective blog comment is that you relate all information to what the original blog was about. If there are other blog comments before yours then you can also relate yours to their posts. You should write like you are intellectually informed about the subject and are not making up the information you provide. This is a way for you to interact and communicate with others and it should be done in a mature manner.

Week 4  – Reaction to the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy Course

I learned that although I thought I knew the information, I was incorrect and needed the course to help me. All of the different sections were helpful and it was easier to follow with it being separated. There were some sections that I did better in then others but by the end of the course I had a better understanding of the material. The section that I think helped me the most was the AP style topic. With the help of this part and the video that we watched over the past week, together they explained a lot of different concepts that I did not understand. I think that the course overall will help me in the future with any writing that I have to compose for my career.   

The thing that surprised me was that at the beginning of the course I did not do well at all when I thought that I knew the information. I went into the exercise thinking that I would blow right through it and all the questions would be extremely easy. Once I began the separate sections there was a few things that I learned that I didn’t know prior.

I want to know more about the punctuation and grammar. If I did not have the help of the Bootcamp video this week then I would have wanted to have more information on that topic as well. If I have a little more practice on these other two topics then I think I would have a very well understanding and concept. Overall I think that this course was extremely helpful and I am happy that I was able to take it so that it will help me with my writing for the rest of my life and hopefully it will only improve.

NewsU Cleaning Your Copy

Week 5 – Favorite Superbowl Ad and Target Audience

My favorite ad during the Super Bowl was the Doritos commercial. There were actually two Doritos commercials that I saw and they were both equally funny to me.

The first commercial took place at a funeral and many people in the audience of the church were crying. Then you find out that he is in the casket filled with Doritos. You then hear some of his acquaintances talk about getting a few days off of work for a stunt like this. Once this happens you see the man inside the casket is eating his Doritos and watching football on a little TV. He begins to cheer and gets so happy it causes the casket to roll over and he is exposed to everyone in the audience. People gasp and are shocked. Once of the friends stands up and exclaims how it is a miracle. You know that it was all planned out but overall if you were there you would be shocked. This stood out to me because I thought it was very funny that he was alive in the casket while people were sad. If this took place then it would have a strong impact on the whole audience.

The second Doritos commercial was about this African American girl who brings he date home to her house. As she is walking out of the room her date stares at her rear end while exiting the room. You then see the little brother. The date is talking about taking over the game and try’s to eat one of the Doritos and then the little boy slaps the man across the face. The little boy then tells the date to keep his hands off his mama and to keep his hands off his Doritos. Then the little boy puts his face right up to the dates face. Right at the end of the commercial you hear the mom’s voice from the other room asking if the little boy was playing nice. This also stood out to me because I thought it was very funny. It is very realistic and is funny how the little boy is very protective of his mom and of his Doritos.

From these commercials I believe that they targeted people from teenagers to people in there 30’s.  The commercials both had an affect on this age group and had different aspects that would draw that audience from the overall viewers.

Super Bowl ad

(Sorry I did not know how to do blogging at first so I put all of my Blogs within one post. I was going to seperate them but I already had comments and did not want to lose them. I have recently figured out that each blog needs a new post so from here on that was complete!)


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  • 1. sharita wilkinson  |  January 30, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    I have always known that “ain’t” was never a proper word to use. However, I think that many do not. It has become so common to the point where most do not realize when they are using it (me included). When I found out that ain’t was an official word (by dictionary standards) I was shocked as well. That to me gave ammunition to people to use it even in writing. Contractions as a whole can be use just not in writing.

    • 2. sharita wilkinson  |  January 30, 2010 at 5:32 pm

      sorry,in addition to the comment. I think contractions are not understood by most on its proper usage. When people write they do not think about such differences between its and it’s. If anything I think the English language is just a big confusion to most (even teachers who teach it) that we just make up our own adjustments to suit our needs of being proper.

  • 4. michellev21  |  February 4, 2010 at 2:53 am


    I would like to start off by saying that your page layout is so cute!
    I wanted to comment on your TOW Week 3, about commenting on blogs. I agree that commenting on blogs is a good way to get dialogue going back and forth between people who comment. I also agree that commenting allows people to learn new information. It also gives the blogger new opinions and information to consider. This way, new ideas are constantly expressed and discussed between bloggers and commenters.

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