Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

February 16, 2010 kk00700

Today is Fat Tuesday and when I was little my family would always celebrate today. We would wear clothes the colors of purple, green or gold. Then at dinner time my mom would either buy the “King Cake” or sometimes she would bake it. This cake is always round and is actually twisted bread. There is a white icing that is on top and then sprinkles by color of purple, green and gold. Inside the cake there is a little plastic Baby Jesus and the person who gets the slice with the baby is supposed to have good luck for that year. In our family if you were the lucky person to get the piece with the baby then it was also your job the following year to buy the came or at least help my mom make it.

I am Catholic and this Wednesday is a special day. It is called Ash Wednesday and I go to a church service. At the service the Priest will apply ashes to my forehead as a sign of repentance. This day marks the first day of lent which lasts up until the day of Easter. Something that some Catholic’s do is from Ash Wednesday until Easter we do not eat meat on Friday’s. On these Friday’s we are also supposed to cut back the amount of food we eat and not pig out. We are also not supposed to eat meat on the day of Ash Wednesday. Many people think this is crazy and that they wouldn’t be able to do it but it’s not as hard as it sounds. If you forget it is not a big deal you just have to try hard to remember. During lent another thing that some families participates in is giving something up. Every year from Ash Wednesday we have to give up something that we do a lot of eat a lot. We do not have it at all during that period and then once Easter arrives you can do it again. I usually give up candy, soda or something unhealthy but lately I have been eating healthy. Any recommendations?!

  This is an example of a king cake! So yummy!


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  • 1. mlong331  |  April 24, 2010 at 5:04 pm

    Hey Kate! I’m also Catholic so I can relate to the Ash Wednesday stuff. This year for Lent I gave up sodas. I did alright, but not as well as I should have. I loved the part about your family and Fat Tuesday. That’s a great tradition! I’ve seen King Cakes and I know about them, but I’ve never actually tried one. I’m going to have to try one next year. Great blog!

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