February 21, 2010 kk00700

A story becomes newsworthy when it is recent information reported by the news media that the viewers would be interested in. There are a few aspects involved in composing the story.

You have to be sure that the story is current. By this I mean that the story is written and published within a good time limit to when the event occurred. If it isn’t then the readers would not be interested because the topic had already been discussed by someone else and they already knew about it. Another key in writing is to make sure that it will attract a reader. If the story is boring and doesn’t catch the attention at the beginning then many people will not keep reading. The story should have significance to where it impacts the readers. If it only is toward a handful of people then you would want to make it broader to attract a considerable amount of people.

Anything out of the ordinary always gets readers interested. If there is a topic that sounds strange or unusual then most of the time the reader will want to find out more and continue the reading. When writing about other people like celebrity gossip the “normal” people want to know about how these famous people live. This is just like the magazines and reality TV shows about famous people and their day to day life.

When a story includes a form of conflict or a current issue is being viewed by multiple people with opposite positions this is another way to create the news. Newness is the final part in forming a news story. This is stating that the information going toward the story is new to the readers. If there is a new product going into retail, new store coming to town or updated version of something previous.

These are a few ways to make sure that the story is going to get the attention needed without being a flop. These different concepts also allow for the story to be newsworthy.

Week 6 – Topic of the Week Newsworthy


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