February 25, 2010 kk00700

Before this past week I never had a Twitter account. I always was told that you just update your status on what you were doing so I thought it was stupid and a waste of time. By creating it for my Public Relations Writing class I learned that it was not as stupid as I thought.

The one thing that was very interesting to me about the whole site was that you were able to search for people and they could find you. It was not only people who had pages and instead different companies had them as well. The information posted as a Tweet was not stupid but actually gave you interesting random facts. Being new to the account I could tell who has been using Twitter for a long time compared to the new people. At first I wouldn’t know what to post and I would only do one post a day. When looking at other profiles the people link websites and commented on others post. I didn’t figure out anything like that until it was over half way through the week.

I think that now that I have a Twitter account I will continue to use it. It will be helpful to keep in contact with Public Relations professionals. I would be able to get some good advice as well as view the same content as they do. This could help later once I get closer to graduating and trying to find a job. The account will also be a way to keep in contact with other students involved in my writing class. In case I need anything during the remainder of the semester they are just a click away. Twitter is also a way to keep in contact with a few of my friends. Although most of my friends do not have an account after they saw me doing my Tweets a few made their own account to see what it was all about.

It is still going slow for me but as I get more comfortable with the website and how to do all of the things capable I assume I will use it more frequently.

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