Fact Sheets, Advisories, Media Kits, and Pitches – Tips

March 1, 2010 kk00700

  1. Facts sheets are one-page background sheets about an event, product, or organization. In outline or bullet form and these facts form the basis for the whole story for the reporter. These are usually distributed with a news release or involved in a media kit.
  2. Media kit is also called a press kit, these contain a variety of materials such as news releases, news feature, fact sheets, background information, basic brochures and photos or drawing with captions. They are often assembled for the introduction of new products and major events.
  3. Media advisories are also called media alerts, these are used to let editors know about a newsworthy event or interview opportunity. Also used to tell the press about a national story.
  4. Pitch is the effective memos or e-mails that persuade reporters and editors to cover your product, service, or event. 
  5. Electronic press kits or EPK’s are prepared onto a CD. These are usually available online from the organizations website. They include the information in the original press kit and also additional sound bites, high resolution photos, and video clips.

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition – Dennis L. Wilcox

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Reading Notes for Chapter 6


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