Tips for Writing a News Release

March 1, 2010 kk00700

  1. The five basic types of news releases are: announcements, spot announcements, reaction releases, bad news, and local news.
  2. A basic news release has six major parts. These parts include letterhead, contacts, headline, dateline, lead paragraph, body of the text and sometimes it ends with a short summary of the organization.
  3. News releases through e-mail and Internet are different then the normal kind. These have a completely different structure. They are single-spaced, five paragraphs with only two to three sentences in each, use bullets for main points, and include a link to the organization’s website.
  4. News releases should be factual, style with the inverted pyramid, include the five W’s and H in the lead and to emphasize the local angle.
  5. Some things to avoid while writing a news release are: do not throw the whole kitchen sink into the release, do not use lame quotes, do not use generic words or phrases, do not use metaphors, and do not expect every release to be published.   

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition – Dennis L. Wilcox

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Reading Notes for Chapter 5

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