Getting Along with Journalists

April 18, 2010 kk00700

  1. Surveys show that media relations is the number one job responsibility of public relations staff as well as number one activity performed by corporate public relations departments.
  2. Two-thirds of journalists do not trust public relations people but 81 percent say that they need them anyway.
  3. The relationship between public relations and the media is based on mutual cooperation, trust, and respect but there is also aspects that compromise their relationship. Public relations side involves excessive use of hype, not doing the necessary homework, and making a nuisance of themselves. On the journalistic side, the actions include name calling, sloppy/biased reporting, and tabloid sensationalism.
  4. A news conference is a setting where many reporters ask questions. Two major reasons for having this is to give all media an opportunity to hear the announcement at the same time and to provide a setting where reporters can ask follow-up questions.
  5. There are important aspects involved to ensure there is media etiquette. A reporter should not be taken to lunch unless the purpose is to discuss a possible story or to give background briefing on an upcoming event. Another thing that is important is that a reporter should not receive gifts. It is alright if it is something small with nominal value but not wise to give expensive gifts of more than $25.

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition – Dennis L. Wilcox

 Link to Book

Reading Notes for Chapter 11


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