April 19, 2010 kk00700

The main reason for using charts is to make figures understandable and to the viewer or reader. Infographics are computer-generated artwork used to attractively display statistics in the form of tables and charts. The normal graphs are being dressed up to become more appealing and easier to understand at the same time. This is when they try to incorporate representations of the subject into the chart itself. Infographics can be prepared using Microsoft Office applications or the more sophisticated software from Adobe such as InDesign or Illustrator. Many large productions will have their own graphic department and then make their own infographics to incorporate into the tables or charts. If it is a small production they will not have the ability to have their own graphic department and such will then use colorful charts along with high-resolution photographs. I would create one to show how the images can help to explain or be a part of the photograph but I do not have the appropriate programs to do so. I found one example online that I found to be very interesting and eye-catching. The graph is incorporated into the photograph fully and you have a complete understanding that the graph has to do with bicycles. Infographic Example

Week 11 – Topic of the Week on Information on Infographics

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