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April 19, 2010 kk00700

At first when I made my profile at PR OpenMic I thought it was just another social network that I had to join for my PR Writing class. Once I was a member and had a little time to look around the site I noticed that there was a lot more to it then just having friends and a picture.

It has different sections to where you can see recently posted blogs, videos, and then something that really interests me was how you could see information on internships or jobs. This aspect would be extremely helpful to someone who is about to graduate college or just previously graduated. You can view the people who post that they are looking for the job or for the company speaker who is currently looking to hire for the position. Internship or Job Section

Another thing that was interesting to me was how you could see the different groups of people and their classifications. You could see if they were faculty, students or practitioners. And you could then look up an individual by name or within the classification. Another aspect that was interesting was that you could browse the whole category of people if you didn’t have a specific person in mind. Here below is a link to browse the students section of the website. Profile Members – Student Section

Something that would come in handy when trying to become more involved with the Public Relations field is to view and if possible attend upcoming events. Through this site there is a link you can go to and be able to view these events. They are split up by the type of event you are looking for or you can view them all. By attending the events and getting your name out there you would then have a higher chance of getting a job you wish and people putting your name with your face. Upcoming Events Section

This website was very intriguing and although I did not have many friends it is a building process that will continue to grow. The more I get on this website the more information I can attain for my career and be able to build the connections for my future.

PR OpenMic

Week 9 & 10 – Topic of the Week Reaction to PR OpenMic Profile


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