Producing Newsletters and Brochures

April 19, 2010 kk00700

  1. Newsletters are the messages from an organization to various publics who want news and information. Professional groups use newsletters to inform members of upcoming meetings and events. Nonprofit organizations use newsletters to send prospective contributors information and recognize the efforts of the volunteers.
  2. Most periodicals have a layout that is somewhat standardized and has the same look and feel which is called a template. This always begins with the masthead or name of the publication which is always in the same font.
  3. Online newsletters or e-zines are supplemented with print publications. The e-zines have an advantage of instant information. the advantages of this is that it is only one click away, cost-effective and efficient.
  4. Annual reports are the most expensive and time-consuming publication prepared by an organization. These can also be used as a marketing tool to build stockholder loyalty, attract new investors, recruit employees, recognize current employees and even increase their consumer base.
  5. Desktop publishing software enables you to: draw an illustration and then reduce or enlarge it, use different type fonts and sizes, vary column widths, shade or screen backgrounds, add borders around copy, import graphics and photos and print out camera-ready pages that can be photocopied or printed on an offset press.

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition – Dennis L. Wilcox

 Link to Book

Reading Notes for Chapter 13


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