Avoiding Legal Hassles

April 26, 2010 kk00700

  1. Misappropriation of personality is also called trademark infringement. This is when there was no permission to use the article and the licensing fees were not paid. This is just telling you to be careful not to steal someone else’s work, photos or slogans unless you have obtained permission first.
  2. The protection of trademarks has three guidelines that must be followed: They are not allowed to be verbs, They must be proper adjectives, They have to be capitalized, They can not be plural, They must also be followed by a noun or phrase.
  3. The copyright law is the protection of creative work but does not protect against ideas. Copyrighted material needs to obtain permission before duplicating.
  4. Employees in companies encourage their workers to have a blog but they have to follow special guidelines. This is a good way to obtain information and get involved in discussions. The blogs are not allowed to talk about other workers within the company. This leads to lawsuits and invasion of others privacy.
  5. A freelance writer, photographer, or artist owns their own work. Unless a contract has been negotiated a company cannot use or publish it. When the work is used by the company it then is called work for hire.

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques 6th Edition – Dennis L. Wilcox

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Reading Notes for Chapter 3


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