Five Steps To MultiMedia Storytelling Reaction

April 28, 2010 kk00700

I really did not know anything about multimedia storytelling prior to taking this course. I learned while taking the five steps to multimedia storytelling was that multimedia stories are nonlinear. They are multi-dimensional which makes sense because the word multimedia. Before beginning you become organized and choose your focus. I also found out that in step two, there are three main parts to the story. First is defining, where you find the main points and the background information. Second is the identifying, where you figure out what kind of media works best and finally is the storyboard part. This is where you actually do the constructing and the sketch.

I was surprised at the fact that there were so many components involved with this storytelling. I thought you would have a outline then actually the output of the story when in reality you have to choose, make the storyboard, report with the multimedia, edit everything for the web, and finally have the productions on the story.

I would want to know more about editing section. I love editing things and especially things online seem to interest me. In this little course it only gave a quick overview of the different kinds of media and how to do the editing for each one. It did not go into depth of what you had to do so it was not that helpful to me because I am new to all of this.

The NewsU Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling Course.

Week 14 – Topic of the Week Reaction to NewsU Course.


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