Podcast: The Creative Career

April 28, 2010 kk00700

The one podcast that I listened to that really stood out to me above any other was the one called “The Creative Career.” It was a girl named Christie Maliyackel who works for a health care consulting firm. She explained how writing was her true passion and she had a goal to one day become an author. She explained that having a side project is important and it’s a way to do something you enjoy and still be able to pay the bills. She explained that you need to be able to balance your time between the job and the side project you chose. She has her side project during nights and weekends which is writing a novel called Lucyland. The novel is a story about her life and began lightheartedly and received positive feedback from friends which caused her to became motivated and continue what she loved. She invested so much time and energy into her writing that she did not want to quit and decided to see where it went from there. When she was about 50 pages into writing she started developing an outline and decided where she wanted to go from there and how it would end. It has been a few years since she began the project and has finally completed her novel. She offered some advice to student and people who are about to start their career. She said that you have to go in with the mindset that it will not be your dream job. She explained that you have to look at the corporate culture of the company you are working for and make a personal decision if the company is a good fit for you. You need to think about your future in that company and decide if you’re going to be happy. If your not then you should keep an eye out for something else to where you are happy and enjoy your day. Her final thought in the podcast was not to freak out on the first day at a new job because it is not worth the stress. This podcast was special to me because my mom has always told me the same information. She said you need a hobby along side the career and make it something you love.

Podcast: The Creative Career

Week 12 – Topic of the Week PR Podcast

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