Secrets for Building Your Celebrity Image?

April 28, 2010 kk00700

I know I am not a celebrity but this article caught my eye. I think it’s funny that they have a website that gives hints on how to build your image if you are in the eye of the pubic. They give you an example and it is very detailed but then it only shows the one hint which is to decide on your image. As you scroll down on the page you see some bullets that explain more about how to make you image better as in the importance of your photo but the funny thing is you can not read this. If you want to be able to learn all of the tips you have to pay 10 dollars. By paying the 10 dollars you are able to read the “special report” which would give you the hints. I did not pay the money to read further but I thought it was a huge scam and I was not expecting it. If you are further interested and want to read the one hint or go further and pay to read all the link is posted below.

public relations information

Secrets for Building Your Celebrity Image

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