Social Media News Releases

April 28, 2010 kk00700

A Social Media News Release is an online format of a news release. It is written with many different audiences in mind and can be seen by many online networks. A usual SMNR will have the main story or release, quotes, photos, contact information, hyperlinks, boilerpoint and tags. It is very attractive to the eye and looks very organized. From my experience in making one, it can be very time consuming at first but once you get an understanding of what you have to do you can barrel through it. This should be used when trying to reach the online media world or if you need to send it out to people who are not close to you. It can be a nice aspect because it can be viewed by many others online and they could offer their insight. Below I have attached four different links. The first will take you to an online site that explains what a SMNR is. The second site will explain how to write a SMNR and the different components included. Third, is a site that you can actually build your SMNR by helping you go through steps along the way to keep you more organized. The final link is to my SMNR that I wrote for my PR Writing class. It is about the Special Olympics. Hope you enjoy!

What Is A Social Media News Release

How To Write A Social Media News Release

Online Site Where You Can Build Your Own Social Media News Release

Example of Social Media News Release

Week 15 – Topic of the Week on Social Media News Releases

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