The Importance of Public Relations

April 28, 2010 kk00700

  When I was looking up public relations I was taken to this website about the importance of PR. It explained that PR people have to be able to get along with others and have good communication. It also explains that as a PR professional your job could consist of a lot of writing or getting someone’s name out there to the pubic in a specific image. The article explains in further detail how PR people manage, control, and influence peoples perception. The article explains how PR works and what career opportunities could be offered to someone with a PR degree. It then further goes into information about being a publicist for the stars and then what the job is like working for a PR company or firm. The last part of the article I found the most interesting. It explained what PR people need to do well and how they could further excel in the world of PR. It offers great insight on PR and I wish before I chose my major that I had a site like this to look at to get a very detail description of what I was getting myself into. 

Link to Article


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