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What Does A Publicity Agent Do?

 The video I found on YouTube is explaining what a Publicity Agent does. It explains that publicity agents are people who work with newspapers and magazines. The individual or company will pay the publicity agent to get onto a specific television program. A publicity agent could also be paid to get the face out there and in the public in a good light due to who they know. For a little more detailed information watch the video!


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The Importance of Public Relations

  When I was looking up public relations I was taken to this website about the importance of PR. It explained that PR people have to be able to get along with others and have good communication. It also explains that as a PR professional your job could consist of a lot of writing or getting someone’s name out there to the pubic in a specific image. The article explains in further detail how PR people manage, control, and influence peoples perception. The article explains how PR works and what career opportunities could be offered to someone with a PR degree. It then further goes into information about being a publicist for the stars and then what the job is like working for a PR company or firm. The last part of the article I found the most interesting. It explained what PR people need to do well and how they could further excel in the world of PR. It offers great insight on PR and I wish before I chose my major that I had a site like this to look at to get a very detail description of what I was getting myself into. 

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Secrets for Building Your Celebrity Image?

I know I am not a celebrity but this article caught my eye. I think it’s funny that they have a website that gives hints on how to build your image if you are in the eye of the pubic. They give you an example and it is very detailed but then it only shows the one hint which is to decide on your image. As you scroll down on the page you see some bullets that explain more about how to make you image better as in the importance of your photo but the funny thing is you can not read this. If you want to be able to learn all of the tips you have to pay 10 dollars. By paying the 10 dollars you are able to read the “special report” which would give you the hints. I did not pay the money to read further but I thought it was a huge scam and I was not expecting it. If you are further interested and want to read the one hint or go further and pay to read all the link is posted below.

public relations information

Secrets for Building Your Celebrity Image

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Top 10 Music PR Tips for Unsigned Artists

This is a very interesting YouTube Video. It would be very useful to the unsigned artists and these tips could help you to land the career that you wish for your future. Everything that she explains in the steps may be a lot of work but the effort will show at the end and pay off.  The different companies that you reach will see all of your practice and the physical elements that you bring with you to an interview or audition. These elements could be the main factors in giving a job to someone who shows effort and determination as compared to someone who just showed up. Watch the video, it took a little while to load so give it a few minutes!

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How to Write a Strong PR Resume

 This video gives you tips on how to improve your PR resume. The tips are related to the PR field and the video gives you three tips. The first is to get right to the point and make it very cohesive. Use powerful sentences and action words. This sounded very repetitive because this is what we are told to do in a lot of our writing. The second tip is to list appropriate skills. This is a section where you add things that others would think are interesting and show other hidden skills. Tip three is to flaunt your accomplishments. This is where you list all of the physical experiences that you have been involved with. It will help you look more interesting to the reader and could even help you land a dream job. The aspects talked about in this video are repetitive because we have heard them in our classes. Watch the video to get examples and better help on writing a strong PR resume.

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The PR Follow-Up Etiquette

  This article was very interesting to me because it was explaining exactly how to act while on the phone with the local media. This article tells you exactly what to do and also what to avoid in getting the best reaction to the phone call. The article also explains that if that particular media does not like the piece you have written you can dig a little to find out how to better accommodate there needs. It explains that without these follow-up calls it is far less likely that your piece will be published but then again if you handle the phone conversation in an incorrect manner, which can also ruin your chances on that one piece or any in the future. This article is definitely interesting and worth the time reading if you plan on getting your work published through local media sources.

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Author: Anthony Mora, Public Relations Professional.

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Domino’s Pizza Public Relations Tactic

This is a video that was posted on YouTube about a year ago dealing with the incident that occurred at a Domino’s Pizza shop in North Carolina. The employees were playing with the food and doing inappropriate things with the food then sending it out to customers. This video shows the reaction to what had occurred and what the President of Domino’s said in his statement.

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How Do You Explain PR To People?

This blog post interests me because I am a PR major at Georgia Southern. When people ask me what my major is and I respond and tell them PR, rarely does anyone know what that means. They ask me what department I am in, what kind of work I would do and what my options are for when I graduate. This explained what the PR practitioners could do and how most of the work is done behind the scenes. Read the article to get a better understanding and a more in depth explanation of what public relations is.


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Taking A Step Back: Reflecting On Your PR Career

  While looking up different things about Public Relations I found a blog from the company website of Burrelles Luce. The blog was talking about looking at where you are in your career of public relations. It was her answers to questions that she was asked and shows that she had to put some thought into her answers. I think it is a good thing to be asked questions about your job every now and then just to answer some personal questions. If you get upset with your job and are not happy answering the questions could be a way to make a change. I know that I don’t have a career yet but its something that I need to keep in the back of my mind as for when I am older and in the public relations field.

Flickr Image: HckySo

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The 1982 Tylenol Crisis

  A case that had never been solved is being discussed by Soterios Zoulas, to explain the public relation side of the story rather than the criminal.  In 1982 seven people died from laced Tylenol capsules. It explains what companies should do in crisis situations. The article is a little lengthy but very interesting on both the information about the case and what has occurred since the incident happened. It gives you examples that were used for this specific case and what steps were followed to reintroduce the Tylenol product.

Soterios Zoulas

Picture of Author,  Soterious Zoulas

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